skincare for men

I am one of those men who take pride in their appearance. After learning something about how important it is to manage my health and be in good shape I discovered that in addition to regular exercise it is also vital to develop a specific skincare regimen that will help me to look young and healthy for many years to come. Believing that my skin needs to be treated with cleansing exfoliates and moisturizers I have found that it is important to use the right men’s skin care products to keep my face and hands soft and healthy.

Skin care for men has become a multimillion dollar business. Where once only women treated their face to the revitalizing creams and lotions, many men have realized that their skin is in just as much need of repair and restoration as the women that they love. Skin tends to dry out and crack unless it is properly cared for. As men age the appearance of wrinkles and age lines may make a man look older than he really is. Although being distinguished looking is something that is attractive, no man wants to look older than he actually is. By treating my face to the same types of lotions, creams and conditioners that women use, yet are formulated just for men, I have learned how to take care of my skin just as my wife does her skin.

Like others who understand the importance of using men’s skin care products daily, I have been able to keep my face looking clean and fresh. With formulated products that each serves a special need for my skin I have built a routine where I take care of myself each morning and evening. Starting with a hot shower I wash my face with an exfoliating cleanser to clear away any dead skin particles. By doing this in the shower I am preparing my face for a clean close shave. Again using special moisturizing shaving cream that adds nutrients to my skin I finish up with a moisturizer that has an SPF protection to keep my skin soft and smooth.

In the evening I repeat my ritual of washing and moisturizing my face before retiring to bed. While I skip the shave, I do make it a point to scrub my face with the cleanser, not bar soap, and dry off before applying a small amount of moisturizer to my skin. Like many others I have been to use products that are providing the benefits of skin care for men throughout the country. By keeping my skin healthy I am helping to keep myself looking young and feeling energized.