Clear skin free of dark spots

This tip is for anyone who finds their skin discoloured. Sometimes this happens with too much sun or even a bad diet. All of a sudden you notice the skin on your cheek bones a darker shade. This is a simple tip to use at home and showed me results in a weeks time. Used daily my skin began to glow.

The ingredients are simple – we all use over the counter vitamins and honey! Take a little honey enough to cover the face. And in it add one capsule of vitamin A and one capsule of vitamin E.

How to prepare:
Mix all three ingredients thoroughly.

How to use:
Apply this mixture to the face and neck for 10 minutes. And wash of with water thoroughly.

Results (observed by submitter):
All the dark spots on my face faded away in a weeks time. And my skin began to glow. Looking younger instantly.

by Ksv


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