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The Benefits of Massage For Healthy Skin

hot stones massage

While it’s true that everyone enjoys a good massage not everyone quite understands the huge range of physical and psychological benefits that it can provide. Professional skin therapists will initially go through the procedure to ensure that their client is entirely comfortable, and discuss what the best options are to maximise the benefits of the […]

Celebrity Skin Care

Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to travel all the way around the world to purchase them and you can buy direct, so you end up spending less, for better quality ingredients. It may not be a celebrity skin care product, but it could make you look like one. It is certainly worth a […]

Simple Steps To Help Keep Your Skin Free Of Blemishes

It can be frustrating when you get acne or discover you are prone to it. The right advice can help keep acne at bay and eventually contribute to a healing complexion. You will find a number of helpful tips about this skin condition in this article. Popping pimples is common among acne sufferers. If you […]

Expert Advice On Reducing Acne And Regaining Clear Skin

Everyone would like to have a glowing, clear complexion, free of acne. Putting your best face forward can be achieved with a clean and clear complexion. Women and men in all age groups are affected by acne. To clear up your acne and have the skin you always dreamed of, it is important to have […]

Lessen Breakouts With These Handy Tips

Acne can cause low self esteem and in some cases, depression. Stop allowing acne to dictate how you live your life. Try these tips below to get your skin looking clearer, and more stunning than ever. Through a consistent skin care routine, you’ll see real results, and have the complexion you’ve always desired. Herbs that […]

Get Rid Of Acne By Following These Handy Tips

Most people hate it when the find out that they are prone to acne. While those with acne find it to be stressful, frustrating and, unfortunately, noticeable, the right advice can help clear up acne and prevent it from coming back. There are several tips to assist you with your acne contained in the article. […]

Got Acne Troubles? Use This Easy Advice

Many times, it can seem that the strategies you are using to fight acne are useless. Expensive treatments and creams that promise quick results end up with little or no improvement months later. Fortunately, with the proper care and treatment, acne can be controlled to reveal a clearer complexion. People that have acne want to […]

Expert Advice On Acne Prevention And Reduction

Everyone desires blemish-free skin. This article contains tips that will help clear your skin up and prevent future acne problems. Tea tree oil can be an effective treatment to apply to trouble areas to get a clearer complexion. Tea tree oil can treat blemishes, reduce oil buildup and kill germs without drying out your skin. […]

Nightly cleansing routine

Each night before bed I condition my face by gently wiping a mineral or almond oil, or combination of both over my face (even the eye area) using a soaked cotton square. This removes all makeup and dirt. Next is a face wash with organic soap and a clean white washcloth. The water should be […]

Epsom Salt for Beauty

Details: My friend gave me this beauty tips about Epsom Salt a couple of months ago and I love them. Epsom Salt is mineral compound (Magnesium Sulfate) that absorbs quckly through the skin and can be used to improve your beauty. USES and RECEPIES: 1) To exfoliate skin: Mix two cups of Epsom Salt and […]

Softer skin with baby oil

Baby oil is not just for babies. After a shower while you are still damp, smooth on Johnston’s Baby Oil Gel (I have used other brands but this brand is thick) on your body. Pay close attention to elbows, legs and feet. In the winter I put the oil on my feet, put on white […]

Emu oil for better skin

Details: Apply Refined Emu Oil and a moist warm cloth to your face for about 5 minutes. This application is similar to a hot oil treatment for your hair. The heat helps keep the Emu oil fully liquefied, allowing extra penetration deep into the layers of skin. By following this tip you will soon begin […]

Beware of over-cleaning

Over cleaning with cleansers and scrubs can create more blemishes. Being gentle with the skin is better. The skin does need some oils. If you clean all oils then more will be produced and clog pores. Finding the right balance for your own skin is key. If you are still getting blemishes and have no […]

Clear skin free of dark spots

Details: This tip is for anyone who finds their skin discoloured. Sometimes this happens with too much sun or even a bad diet. All of a sudden you notice the skin on your cheek bones a darker shade. This is a simple tip to use at home and showed me results in a weeks time. […]