The Benefits of Massage For Healthy Skin

hot stones massage

While it’s true that everyone enjoys a good massage not everyone quite understands the huge range of physical and psychological benefits that it can provide. Professional skin therapists will initially go through the procedure to ensure that their client is entirely comfortable, and discuss what the best options are to maximise the benefits of the session in order to offer a holistic approach to your needs. Often this is just a ‘de-stress’ that focusses upon the whole back, while others may prefer more focus on shoulders or spine for example.

It’s no secret that as we grow older we start to feel aches and pains a little more often, and the same is true for younger people who exercise regularly or those who perform a physically demanding job. According to Janet Nicol of MacGregor beauty and hairdressers, Edinburgh creams and muscle relaxant lotions only stretch so far, and their effects wear out very quickly. Massage is by far a better option, packed with many additional positive for the entire body.

Naturally, massage is excellent at reducing aches and pains in the muscles, removing what are commonly referred to as ‘knots’ caused by age, overexertion or simply the stress of day to day life. The procedure is also superb for helping those who are suffering from stiff or painful joints – it really is quite astonishing what a massage can achieve.

But there’s a wealth of other conditions that have been shown to be helped by a regular message. Thanks to its relaxing qualities, it can slow down elevated heartbeats and is great for helping along the whole circulatory system. People suffering from digestive or gastric issues find that it can help calm their symptoms, while those with lung complaints often find it helps them too.

It has even been found that regular sessions increase the overall production of white blood cells – providing a significant boost to the immune system overall.

One of the less pleasant effects of the modern world is that many people now find themselves struggling with sleep and restlessness that can manifest itself in many ways. Due to its natural relaxant powers, massage helps the body to reach a state of relaxation akin to what it feels when asleep. Helping restore the memory of a good night’s sleep can help enormously in overcoming conditions such as insomnia.

Massage helps to not only look after your body, but also your soul. It’s a natural, holistic stress-buster that wipes away negativity and instead encourages mental wellbeing and a sense of vitality and optimism. For those with conditions that cause them a mild or severe chronic pain, this can be an essential means of gaining a sense of temporary relief. All these positive feelings stem from a physical reaction – the release of endorphins in the body stimulated by a massage session.

Massage aims to help encourage all of these benefits and with the additional use of natural essential oils you can be certain that you will leave a session not just energised and revitalised, but with great feeling skin too.

For people looking for an even deeper massage many try hot stone body massage. This may sound a little intimidating at first – but really it isn’t. Firstly the stones are perfectly flattened so there’s no roughness at all. They’re lightweight and no bigger than a large egg. They leave no abrasive marks and the heat leaves no redness or swelling. The use of oil ensures that the stones glide along the body, the heat drawing relaxing sensations deep from within.

Hot stone treatment delivers all the benefits of a traditional massage session, with the advantage of getting that much deeper into the joints and muscles, making it an especially good option for those suffering from aches and pains.

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